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Young people to auto accidents, technology is immature, single accidents trend

According to the national police agency survey, the driving licence holder 9500$ per year accidents are overwhelmingly 16-24 years old driver.

The number 50 and up to 2.5 times of the 59-year-old veteran driver. It is also noted, in accidents caused by young drivers alone accidents tend.

The other party will compensate the damages to themselves or other passengers injured in single vehicle crashes, if you does not exist. Would be wise to consider joining the “personal accident insurance” and “passengers ‘ personal accident insurance” as an insurance to protect yourself and other passengers, to provide emergency treatment expenses. Should simply be higher insurance premiums, subject to compensation are available to save insurance fees to reduce the amount of the insurance money payable in the event of an accident, “flight only” to restrict.

Young driver traffic accidents to accidents alone. Passenger accident insurance, personal accident insurance useful if you or passengers injured in the accident is not.

Number of traffic accidents that occur throughout the last several years has been decreasing. However, the concern is how many accidents caused by young drivers.

Has announced the number of driver’s license holders 100.000 capita age group saw the national police agency is the occurrence of traffic accidents in the 0/2014 traffic accidents, the highest number of 16 ~ 1350 about 24-year-old. Fewest number of 50-has reached 2.5 times the 59-year-old. Also look at trends over the past 10 years, the 16-percentage of 24-year-old young has been the highest status.

Characteristics and factors of accidents causing young people, inattentive driving and drift and a high percentage of non accidental “without bending the curve on ran into utility poles and guardrails” are cited immaturity of driving and driving skills, such as.

Unlimited personal and property damage liability insurance, insurance should be considered?

So these young drivers will choose what auto insurance in case of accident? A higher accident risk because “property damage liability insurance and personal liability insurance is unlimited, it is better to deal. However, what these insurance to repair the damage of the person involved. Will not be compensated for any damages or injury of single accidents, by you or your passengers.

So, you want to consider joining is passenger injury insurance and personal accident insurance. If personal injury compensation insurance to enroll, regardless of the error rate, depending on the amount of actual damages for the death or injury of passengers and their insurance money to receive. Also, it is possible to receive the fixed amount of insurance injury symptoms, depending on, for example, passengers personal accident insurance, or passengers were killed or injured.

Shall be payable upon passengers ‘ personal accident insurance and personal injury protection both drivers and car to your family, friends and acquaintances, such as was in accident and injury insurance. Both said to keep her insurance.

If you choose a point of personal injury compensation insurance, compensation,

General insurance premiums are set high, compared to other age groups from a high accident risk of young people. Like many people forgo the Subscriber can understand personal injury insurance, passenger accident insurance to protect their benefits and the need to conserve the insurance premiums.

I think if it subscribes to both passengers ‘ personal accident insurance and personal injury protection insurance premiums are too high, the compensation is more generous personal injury compensation insurance is a wise decision. To compensation for contract vehicles can also save by “flight only” to restrict and reduce the amount of insurance premiums.

Auto insurance is to compensate the damages on the other side basically by accident I let injuries, such as. But in choosing car insurance, as well as the opposing driver yourself or point of view, such as the family and friends defend friends that don’t miss.

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