Thursday, April 14, 2016

Once a proven reduction in accident car insurance burden

Such as the so-called automatic brake (collision mitigation brakes) automatic braking when the car crashes and so became increasingly common vehicle driving assistance system.

The Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport and the non-life insurance rating organization embarked on comparison and analysis of verification of the automatic brakes car accident damage reduction and accident conditions. Could it impact auto insurance rates auto brake equipped vehicle accident damage, accident risk reduction permitted by this validation result, too. Reviewed and are used to compute insurance rates type rate classes, automatic brake with car insurance premiums are cheaper is might.

Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport and non-life insurance rating organization embarks on the effectiveness of the automatic brake-equipped vehicles. Resulting automatic brake with car insurance may be cheaper.

Accident damage automatic braking and accident risk reduction effect verification

Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport (hereinafter the Ministry) is moving to accident damage and damage reduction of vehicles equipped with automatic brake (collision mitigation brakes) inspection and verification. Results will be compiled during the fiscal year 2015; It is also a policy for determining automobile insurance rates [reference net margin “calculation and providing non-life insurance rating organization, comparison and analysis of the study on auto-brake equipped with accident damage.

From 2014, the Ministry works and car accident prevention mechanism and for the adoption and promotion of safer vehicles, has been working to publicise the preventive safety performance assessment evaluation results. It is finally to embark on an analysis of the effectiveness of this preventive safety technologies, such as automatic brake test, we evaluated the safety.

From mini-cars to luxury cars rapidly promote automatic brake

Safe driving support system including automatic braking develops various technologies by automakers, increasingly lower prices. Were previously only on luxury vehicles equipped with automatic brake is now, to the mini range be standard as it has been.

For example, has been introducing driver assistance system including automatic braking from 2008-Subaru. Its spread, such as selecting the “I-site” vehicles about 8 percent of the buyers of Subaru brand cars to sell in the company seems to have expanded.

In addition, Nissan’s electric and commercial vehicles for sale in the country during the current fiscal year, including almost all categories complete with automatic brake will. Standard has advanced safety system with automatic brake Corolla cars from April at Toyota.

Well into the year 2015, accelerating the introduction of each auto manufacturer’s automatic braking and driving support system.

Automatic brake rapidly spread. It seems may result due to the construction and Transport Ministry and non-life insurance rating organization of effectiveness analysis of big impact on auto insurance premiums.

Auto insurance premiums, and intended use of the age of the driver, car-fleet grade accident to analyze risk, is calculated according to the actual risks. There is one of these risk analyses, non-life insurance rating organization each year, revisions and calculating type premium class.

It analyzes past accidents occur frequently, such as car models by the accident risk evaluation in 9 steps. It is supposed to be set to lower insurance rates lower accident risk model.

That when in the past, air bags and ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a popular, from the safety of type premium class is reviewed and reduced car insurance rates. If automatic braking accident risk reduction was observed, review of premium class vehicles, can expect reduced insurance premiums.

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