Thursday, April 14, 2016

Further accelerate the shift to overseas markets

Mega Insurance (Sompo Japan Japan XING Asia holdings, Tokio Marine Holdings, MS & ad insurance group holdings, Inc.) as well as in the 3/2015 ended the past record has been updated.

Against a background of strong mainstay of auto insurance. Also, developed from the results of this, we see efforts in growing overseas markets began to focus on results. Sompo Japan Japan XING Asia holdings and MS & ad insurance group holdings, Inc., net premiums in overseas markets by year two-digit increase. Future, emerging markets, such as China, Russia and South-East Asia Europe other than target insurance companies ‘ overseas operations are accelerated.

Mega Insurance past the record high in the financial statements of 3/2015. Auto insurance businesses in mainly the overseas market is becoming more important we is.

Larger two-digit growth, the ratio of sales in overseas markets

3 Mega non-recently announced Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Japan XING Asia holdings co., Ltd. (hereinafter holdings to HD), Tokio Marine HD, HD of MS & ad insurance group life 3/2015 stage in financial companies and past record. Recovery of non-life insurance industry clearly becoming.

We see from the contents of the results in such a situation, companies and activities in the overseas market actively focused on results. Sompo Japan Japan Nikko sub HD and HD of MS & ad insurance group published a percentage of net premiums corresponding to sales of insurance companies of domestic and overseas. According to ratio is still at 14%, both rising proportion in overseas than last year.

Worth noting here is the increase or decrease in net income insurance premiums. Sompo Japan Japan Nikko sub HD, has reached 407525000000 yen up 63.4 percent year on year. MS & ad insurance group HD than 406050000000 Yen by 13.3%. Neither is “in overseas sales two-digit increase,” said.

Of course, Tokio Marine HD promotes an aggressive overseas expansion. Is not disclosed about the percentage of overseas net premiums written by current group total revenue 30-and overseas business accounted for 40 percent.

China, Europe and Southeast Asia, non-life insurance companies to accelerate overseas expansion.

Mega insurance has traditionally worked overseas, but its efforts here in a few years more noticeable becoming. Especially fiscal year 2014, Western market, not to mention emerging markets such as China, Russia and South-East Asia targeting efforts stood out.

For example, get licensed in Japan compulsory automobile liability insurance, as well as 3 Mega Insurance Co., Ltd. in the China market “traffic accident forced insurance (compulsory insurance)”. Also, MS & ad insurance group HD under aioi nissay Dowa general insurance, as the Japanese non-life insurance for the first time established companies in Russia and Kazakhstan, are committed to doing. Box Innovation Group Limited of the United Kingdom also acquired the company, is focusing on telematics insurance in Europe including Russia.

On the other hand, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., is the launched My Safe Drive safe driving support apps available in eight languages for the Southeast Asian market. Indonesia also will enhance its presence in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market.

Domestic non-life insurance companies are aggressively shifting to overseas markets are expected to grow. On the other hand, the domestic market environment surrounding the increase in elderly drivers, young people’s interest in cars, auto insurance is never bright would be inconvenient.

Now, any further up the tax impact in the management of non-life insurance companies, can lead to car insurance insurance premiums rise. Considered the environment in the domestic market is expected in the non-life insurance companies ‘ overseas operations are accelerated efforts.

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