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Experience of checking and buying used car

Purchase an used car is a way to save money, if you don’t check carefully the car, you will waste your money.

An used car belonging to the premium model is probably more attractive than a new intermediate model one. This is also a reason that many people choose to buy used cars. Let get experience of checking and buying used car with Buy and Sell Cars Fast by a short video.

1. Body

The first thing you should do is checking the body of used car. The paint, flatness, curvature of the crust, rust are factors you can check by eye. Then, you can indentify longevity or durability of the car.

2. Tyre and suspension

Qualify of tyre resistance and tyre pressure are factors to negotiate the price of car. Suspension system is also important. You should try running the car on various types of terrain to test the response.

3. Car Lights

The light system is essential when moving through the area at night, fog or rain. Headlights, brake lights and signal lights will need to be tested brightness and light longevity.

4. Console

Control panel with buttons and touchscreen require accuracy, provide completed information about the state of the car and journey. Trying all of the smallest buttons such as volume, switch tracks to make sure that all parts of the vehicle are operating smoothly together.

5. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

HVAC is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of the car. For a country with severe weather conditions as Vietnam, the examination of the HVAC system is more necessary.

6. Cooling radiator and water pipes

Cooling radiator is first part you can check easily underneath the bonnet. If the solution is not enough and it is dirty, it proved that previous owner did not pay much attention to it. Technical workers will also thoroughly check the radiator to make sure leaves are not thin and porous. It’s necessary to check carefully the water pipes to decide replace it or not.

7. Lubricant

Engine lubricant is like blood of an organism, if it is not enough capacity or the quality is not good, the machine will not be able to high-performance. It’s necessary to check carefully lubricant.

8. Engines

Checking here includes engine and compression ignition. Checking startup time, voice blasting machine can be smooth or not. Compression force test clock will help workers check the cylinder pressure that can meet the demand or not.

9. Exhaust Pipe

The first thing is to try stronger inspection station of smoke out of the exhaust pipe more or less, with strange colors or not. If the vehicle proves problematic is the lack of oil or no oil changes or long exhaust pipes, engine trouble in combustion and exhaust emissions. You should not easy to accept the car with the old exhaust pipe, because it potentially leak anytime.

10. Brakes and drivetrain

The most safety factor is the brakes. Test the brakes in various road conditions and weather to make sure that the hydraulic systems, brake pads, brake discs are meet the demand. Gearbox should be tested in a range of speeds, especially with the floor, if there has any strange noises, system signs transmission of the vehicle should be checked before you decide to buy the car.

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