Thursday, April 14, 2016

Car insurance when your cars is robbed spares

According to an expert in car insurance, in fact, an insurance which is used when a car is stolen parts is not cared by insurance companies, because it is difficult to control. Therefore, even the luxurious car insurance is also very difficult when spares are robbed.

A customer said that he had the new Mazda 6 but a mirror had been robbed. Although it was not a long time after he bought the car. He was very unpleasant. In spite of having a car insurance but when he contacted the insurance company, the company did not pay for him

Talking to newspaper reporters, an expert in car insurance said “Sometimes you meet some bad people who steal your car’s spares , there is a kind of insurance which is applied. But it is a clause in the material insurance. This clause is add in an insurance contract. Consequently, it is not force. If customers like it, they can buy. If customers do not want to it, they will not buy. It is not the main product.”

The expert said that there were few people who bought this insurance , sellers also did not want to buy this product. It is difficult to control, even though occurring profiteering. In case, the stolen vehicle parts are insured, the vehicle owners will be compensated but having complex procedures. In addition, it is very difficult for vehicle owners when go to the police office to confirm his car which is lost parts. For example, if you park your car on a road and a mirror is robbed, the police will confirm dates and times. This is a mandatory document that the buyer must have in order to claim insurance. As a result, there are few people who can get back spares. These are reasons why the sellers do not want to sell this products and buyers also do not know about this insurance.Even if luxurious cars is stolen some spares , and these luxurious spares are usually robbed, car owners will buy rarely this insurance. Sometimes, customers need it but companies do not sell, if the customer is a very important person, they will sell.

We could not blame insurance companies , because they can not check. You hide the mirror and put in a closet , after that, you told them that the mirror was robbed. Who will test? While the value of luxurious spares (logo, mirrors …) are very expensive

Currently, there is no other way, car owners must protect their cars by themselves. On many forums, they chat about solution to avoid robbers. For example, you can keep logo with screws, write the code on the mirror …Of course, we must protect our cars by ourselves, but the responsibility of the authorities is create an environment that does not have robbers. I suggest getting rid of the flea markets. It buys things which are stolen. Government should punish severely robbers

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