Thursday, April 14, 2016

Additional car insurance premiums calculated item

Mitsui direct General announced revision of the car insurance products.

Has been carried out additional introduction of ongoing discount in this revision, depending on the continuity of automobile insurance receive insurance premium discounts and insurance premiums calculated items, such as, change in insurance premiums is points. In addition, various amendments were made to compensation and roadside service, so, subscribers and subscription plans are people who you’re better. Revision applies since the commencement of contract 10/1/2015.

Changes to the insurance charge settings, such as adding a continuity discount new and calculated items

General announced to amend the automobile insurance products since the beginning of 10/1/2015. Insurance premiums calculated items and discount insurance premiums based on the continuation of matters pertaining to insurance premium levels based on the ratio of net additional, up-to-date reference and revised review and made some revisions.

In addition, passengers ‘ accident insurance coverage changes, some, such as the revision of the road services, special minor where various changes were made. Note in the following details and points.

Revision of the insurance fee / premium system

Newly introduced a continuity discount discount depending on the continuation of automobile insurance premiums. Contract duration 1 second 1.0%, second is 1.5%, three times since the 2.0% insurance fee discount will receive. Net rate of reference and based on the revised also carried out review of the level of insurance premiums.

Changing payment method for passengers ‘ personal accident insurance and medical insurance. Change the payment of medical insurance money paid to passengers ‘ personal accident insurance in the five days of hospitalization or outpatient. Regardless of location and symptoms were paid insurance provision depending on the symptoms and were injured so far, but the flat 1000$ will be paid.

In addition to factors such as fleet grade (including accidents with factors), “age of the named insured” type premium class “purpose of use”, “color of the named insured driver’s license,”world heritage area contract vehicle”” contract vehicles past actual driving distance for one year “added to calculate insurance premiums. Suited to the actual risks of each Contracting Party allows it to be a reasonable insurance premium setting.

Revision of road service

Some carried, scaled and abolition of road service. Extend from the traditional 30 km 50 km tow free tow away user-specified repair shops, etc., as well from the snow stuck drawers work is added to the free service.

On the other hand, abolished the accommodation cost, home costs, vehicle transportation services, battery jump work, when the gas ran out of petrol services use number of times from the insurance period once every 90 days “during the insurance period to one” will change.

Conducts ongoing contract revision, revision of various special and abolition. On the bigger ones, other ongoing procedures start in the Internet changed from past 2 months ago 75 days prior to previous insurance period is 2-Internet application enabled even in case of long term contracts for four years.

Also driving age requirement from “30-year-old more than compensate” car rental cost contractual insurance without obsolete, as well of been added such as solely related to be revised.

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