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Some guidelines for the purchase of old cars at dealers

Instead of having to find the car they want through many places, the old dealership is one option to help buyers save time as well as the advice received information from agents. However, many argued that buying a car from a dealer faced many difficulties, here are a few guidelines to help you can choose one like that old car from a dealer.

When buying car dealer, the best advice when buying a car that should follow people with experience in the car for advice and give advice more honest. To recognize these vehicles have been replaced parts or not pay attention to the parts dvd, tiles leaves with genuine wheels ...

Also before to see the car, the buyer should first contact by phone, ask for details about the car you want to buy. If the seller does not explicitly answer, stammered or appointments to see the car in public places, cafés, then you should avoid at these locations.

So when going to the car buyer needs to pay attention to detail can not be ignored as follows:

Check the starter, so it is considered the most important step. Run the car smoothly demonstrate good working condition.

Test platforms - the test car should be bent, or crouched as low as possible to look carefully recess wheels, chassis, and opened the trunk to check for seat damping Matter ?. When sitting in the car, start the engine, you can check the traffic bad, what if there is sound again? Platforms also relates to both the driver and checkered tulle size, if that is the cry steering is also noted, if the buyer will have to repair this section

Check the cooling water - cool water when opened, found oil, do not intend to buy the car, which showed the car was blown gasket specified slice or face washers blowing machine.

Check oil - oil shortage or excess is dangerous, lacking means of loss of redundancy may be due more to the last seller eye institutional buyers should not be an accurate assessment. Buyers need to be confirmed by lowered his shoulder to peer into the compartment underneath the machine, see wet, drops even more rich,

Check the tire itself, if the vehicle has an accident, there will be many details could not be hidden. Be meticulous search of the cracks between the original paint and new paint. When the car has been repainted parts will easily appear small wounds between coats because of this difficult trail completely disappeared.

Check the machine. If startled, likely damaged spark plug or bobbin. Costs to replace often expensive bobbin should pay attention to this detail.

Also you should check through the other parts such as air conditioners, the horn, lights, turn signals ...

If you are unable to check the details on or has no car to go out, you can buy and bring the vehicle to the original location to inspect the vehicles, automakers will check for you all expenses Details of the car and give you the necessary information about the history of car use.

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