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Kias baby Panamera delayed but due in 2017

Kia's swoopy new four door coupe tipped for 2017 release, largely based on 2011 Kia GT concept

Kia is soon to be entering unchartered waters, as the Korean company plans to launch what has been described as a 'cut-price Porsche Panamera'. The four-door coupe model was originally tipped to launch in 2016, but Kia sources have confirmed it will be delayed until 2017.

Kia's more stylish and upmarket addition to the range will be strongly based on the GT concept (pictured) from the 2011Frankfurt Motor Show. According to sources at the firm, the design has already been signed off by design chief Peter Schreyer and shouldn't be a radical departure from the concept. We won't be seeing the suicide doors, however.

The GT won't just be all show and no go, as a range of four and six cylinder petrol and diesels are expected to prop up the range, with a hot V8 also planned. That will both please American buyers and concern the likes of Mercedes-AMG, as it should cost a fair bit less than their four-door coupe CLS 63.

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And that’s just the beginning of Kia’s ambitious plans – a production version of the stunning GT4 Stinger concept has been earmarked for a 2017 debut, too.

Speaking about both concepts Spencer Cho, Kia’s head of overseas marketing said: “We have very high intentions to put these models into production – we’re working on it.”

As Kia’s first dedicated performance model, the GT is a smart choice from the Korean manufacturer. Although the design will be striking, and maintain the essence of the 2012 concept, its four-door coupe body style should appeal to all Kia’s most crucial markets – including Europe and the US.

Tipped to be based on the rear-wheel drive Hyundai Genesisplatform, the GT will feature a choice of powerful four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines – including a new 2.0-litre turbocharged unit, while the flagship model will get a V8 under the bonnet, tapping into America’s muscle car culture and offering a more affordable alternative to models like the Mercedes CLS63 AMG.
Kia GT4 Stinger

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The future for the rear-wheel drive, two-seater GT4 Stinger concept is less certain, but there’s no lack of desire within the company to make it happen. If it gets the green light, something Peter Schreyer has a made his personal mission, then the GT4 could make production 12 to 24 months after the GT with a choice of four and six-cylinder petrol engines, our source revealed.

Kia has a ready-made small rear-wheel drive platform in theHyundai Genesis Coupe – a car not currently sold in the UK – and working together on the next-generation Genesis Coupe is seen as the most feasible route for the GT4 Stinger. As a result the production car could have a 2+2 layout, improving practicality and pitching it directly against the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ.

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A convertible version is very much part of the plan, too, as demonstrated by this design sketch released by Kia. Although it shows a two-seater sports car in the mould of the MX-5 – a car that’s difficult to justify financially – it shows that a convertible version of whatever the GT4 Stinger becomes, is likely.

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